Famous Myths Related To Education

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There are a lot of myths that are related to education and have been commonly in practice. In this article, we correct some of the famous myths associated with the field of education.

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Myth 1. Teachers play the primary source of influence on a child’s life

Parents are an important influence on a child’s life, and the teacher’s influence is the second. Good teachers are essential in a student’s life. They can help the student accomplish a lot of goals and succeed in life. Good teachers and their positive attitude can motivate and inspire their students to do well in their studies; teachers also help in the personal growth of a child, but it does not play a primary role as believed by many.

Myth 2 Homework helps students learn more

There are countries such as Finland that don’t burden their students by assigning them homework. They believe that the student only learns and experiences throughout the day in school, so there is no need to assign homework to them and cause more burden. If the student is smart and can do more after school hours, it is the student’s choice. Sometimes teachers do assign homework, but they don’t believe that giving homework helps the student achieve more and get better in studies.

Myth 3 The size of the class does not matter

On average, a teacher has to deal with 100 or more students a day, but what if the student’s number decreases? What effect will that show? According to research, fewer students mean more attention is given to them by the teachers, which leads to good grades in school. Most parents look for private schools as the primary option because the class size is smaller, and everyone can not afford private schools’ fees. Thus, it makes a teacher pay more attention to her students, making them achieve good grades.

Myth 4 Future admissions are based on only Grades

It has said that many colleges and universities handle admission by category like athletics. Most of the universities turn out to be legacies where the previous family members have attended, and parents and family members encourage their next and new generations to study from the same place. Most universities provide admissions to wealthy families, but this doesn’t mean they don’t look into different applicants.

These are some of the famous myths related to education and the reasoning show how incorrect these are.

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