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When you have a lot to study and learn, it can be a little difficult because of all the distractions; even if you are studying for more extended periods, it can be a problem. Therefore, we have compiled for you a list of hacks proved by science. Try these stuck hacks by science to study better.

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  • Revising helps to remember something longer

Research shows that if you recall your memories repeatedly in your mind, you can remember them better. For example, a student is more likely to recall all the information from a one-hour lecture when they review it in their mind later on. This can help you get good grades in school. An excellent way to practice this is to read the necessary and relevant material before attending a class or a lecture and take notes and review them before going to sleep this will help you remember them for a long time.

  • Studying before sleep helps

Studies show that sleep helps maintain and stabilize the memories we had throughout the day. Staying up all day causes interference in your memories causes you to forget most of them.  This shows that you should study before going to sleep so in the morning you can remember what you have learned better. Try to get sleep of seven to eight hours and try to have a study session before going to bed.

  • Short sessions help to focus

You may commit yourself to completing a task or to a study session that is hours long. There is nothing wrong with this, but take breaks for about 10 to 15 minutes to relax your mind.

The research shows that after a while when people try to focus on a single task, their mind starts to diverge. It has the same effect when you hear a voice repeatedly and get used to it. Focusing on a task and taking breaks in between and think about what you are doing.  This is very beneficial as it turns out taking short breaks in your work can help you regain focus and study more productively.

If you have problems focusing and concentrating on your studies you should try this. Put your social media and phones on silent mode so they won’t disturb you while you are studying. Stay away from friends that might disturb you or draw your attention to other things. However, studying for too long might cause you to lose interest, take breaks in between studying for at least 5 to 10 minutes. You can complete tasks in between and this will also help you refocus on your studies.

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