Why Mentoring is Necessary for New Teachers

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Teaching is a beautiful profession, it is something exciting and unique that only teachers get to experience. Many people are really passionate about becoming a teacher, and they start working on it at a young age.

Despite studying education as a major or even teaching privately, mentoring is important for the new teachers. Teachers are unable to balance their work better if they are not trained and mentored before adopting the profession.

Dorotea Reyna

So, here is why mentoring is necessary for new teachers:

  1. Knowing the culture

Student life is always different from the ones that teachers might’ve experienced when they were students. A lot of new teachers think that since they were students as well, they can understand the students easily. Well, they are wrong. Culture and climate of the school change after each generation and it is important that teachers know about the culture thoroughly through mentoring.

  1. Practical Skills

New teachers are only familiar with the theoretical aspect of teaching, they need to be taught the practical skills that are equipped during teaching in various scenarios. Mentoring programs ensure that teachers develop practical skills so that students don’t find it hard and teachers are able to deal with problems within the classroom easily.

  1. Structures and Routine

New teachers find it hard to work and balance classrooms with personal life. They sometimes become so invested in the classroom tasks that they forget about their own personal life, which is bad for the mental health, and they lose motivation easily. Mentoring helps in giving them training on how they can create a healthy routine and a good structure that can make their life easy.

Mentoring Programs

A lot of universities and schools have their own mentoring programs that they create based on the data they have collected. There are mentors that are expert in guiding the new teachers, step by step until they are ready to face the classroom with confidence.

Mentoring programs help teachers in making the right lesson plans, practices, strategies, etc. that they learn to develop on their own. They are also a way to evaluate and assess the abilities of the teachers, whether they are fit for the school or not.

A lot of teachers who are still in the profession for many years recommend mentoring programs for the new teachers in the education system.

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